Menar system

Menar program provides children with a fast brain development while improving their memory, attention and concentration skills.


Abacus, which is proposed by Unesco to be taken to the list of Man's Cultural Heritage, can be defined as the earliest computer.

 Mental Arithmetic
Menar mental arithmetic

Mental Arithmetic meaning fast mental calculation is Menar System, which creates this skill through the use of abacus image.

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 Online Platform
Online Platform

Click on the above image to access Menar Online Platform that will speed up your Abacus use and mental calculation skills.

 Online Exercises
Online Exercises

Click on the above image to access Online Exercises page that will improve your calcualtion capacity with fun activities.

 Menar Presentation
Menar Videos

You can link from here to Menar Presentation where you can get an idea about the power of Menar program .

 Menar Olimpiads
Menar Olympic Games

You can link from here to Olympiad Page to watch TV news and olympic shows and see Menar children's world records.