1. What's Abacus?

Abacus can be described as the first computer that dates back to 3000 BC with its earliest form consisting of stones placed on a surface of sand. Its name comes from “Abax” in Greek. In today's digital environment, this calculator that doesn't need electricity is the most popular arithmetic tool that is used in children's brain development. Abacus, which is also known as soroban, consists of beads that slide along rods in a frame and comes in different types. The type that is used in Menar program has five beads on each rod as seen in the picture. The beads that represent numbers in a certain systematic are moved up and down along the rods. This way all kinds of arithmetic calculations can be made very easily and very fast.

2. What's Menar Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program?

It is a brain development program designed by Menar for children of 4 to 11-12 years old. Initially, students learn to make calculations using the abacus. With regular practice, the image of abacus is formed in their brains soon and they start using this imaginary abacus while making calculations moving the beads of this imaginary abacus up and down with their hands and fingers. Since, the students don't need to use the physical abacus anymore, this mental calculation is incredibly fast. A young Menar student can mentally calculate much faster than a grown up who uses an electronic calculator.

3. How long does Menar Program last?

It lasts 240 hours in total.

4. My daughter/son is very good at maths at school. Will Menar Program still be useful for her/him?

A successful maths student definitely makes good use of Menar Mental Arithmetic program. Students who can quickly and correctly calculate numbers without using paper and pencil can focus their attention more easily on more complicated relations in problems and on more advanced concepts.

5. My son/daughter is having difficulty with maths at school. Can Menar Program help him/her?

Yes. Since abacus presents abstract multi-digit numeric concepts in a concrete bead-based system, children can easily relate to numeric values and understand these concepts. Experience shows us that children having difficulty in maths classes at school, start improving their performance in math classes a few months after they start Menar Abacus Mental Arithmetic program.

6. How does Menar Mental Arithmetic contribute to children's Maths performance at school?

In order for students to be succesful at maths, they should first develop calculation skills in four basic operation types. Learning mental arithmetic will provide them with exceptional calculation speed and accuracy. Mathematics Professors and academicians from several Turkish universities report these impressive findings and observations that Menar program has been found to be very useful for young students not only in building exceptional arithmetic skills but also in improving attention and concentation skills and creating love of mathematics in children.

7. What is the most suitable age for a child to start Menar Program?

The most convenient age for children to start Menar program is the time when they are able to count upto 10 correctly and identify the number of objects through counting such as, three spoons, five pencils, etc. Usually children reach this stage at the age of 4 or 5. The general principle is that "the younger, the better". For children below 6 years old we have a preparatory stage before they start Abacus Mental Arithmetic program. In general terms the best time for children to start Menar program is ages 5-6-7. We suggest that parents not miss this opportunity for their young children to learn mental arithmetic while their school work is not yet too heavy.

8. What are the advantages of learning Menar System?
    • develops fast and accurate calculation skills and helps children to see logical connections
    • helps build a powerful memory
    • increases attention span and improves concentration skills
    • enhances creativity and imagination skills
    • improves learning capacity and builds self-confidence
    • increases understanding power and speed
    • develops observation and estimation skills
    • sharpens hearing and responding skills
    • decreases stress and makes learning fun
9. How can Menar help in increasing my child's intelligence capacity?

Menar program has been designed not only for developing extraordinary arithmetic skills in children but also to improve their creativity, memory, attention and conccentration skills and problem solving abilites. Our ultimate goal is to help them build self esteem in addition to making them friends with numbers. Experts believe that abacus mental artihmetic training taps both right and left brain and thus is the key ingredient in reaching the highest level of learning capacity.

10. While we have electronic calcualtors or computers available under our hands to use for making calculations, what is the need for learning abacus mental arithmetic?

Arithmetic is very important for every student in order to build a strong foundation for maths. Teachers of young learners know very well the hardship of teaching them the concept of number and number values. The abstract nature of numbers and the relationship of numeric values makes it difficut and takes a long time for children to grasp them. Learning these abstract concepts without relating them to concrete objects like abacus beads, depends solely on brain power. Making mental calculations is a process that contributes positively to total brain capacity as it activates unused sections of the brain. Learning mental arithmetic also improves memory and imagination skills. Researches demonstrate that while those individuals deprived of tools for improving their mental capacity gradually experience weakening in their mental power starting in their twenties , those who have improved their mental capacity in childhood, continue to keep this mental sharpness even after the age of seventy.

There is a detrimental risk in letting electronic calculators or computers replace functions of your brain in arithmetic calculations. Your brain may enjoy the comfort of not working and get lazier day by day. Learning abacus is vitally important for each child. The use of abacus requires coordination of main nerve channels such as vision, hearing and finger touch and movement of human anatomy that activate brain cells. In this training process, the brain goes through 3 development stages like physical touch, reasoning and imagination which ends up with a fast enhancement.

We can also approach the issue from this angle. Many people from different ages can be seen jogging, running or walking in the streets, or in parks in the morning or in the evening. However, since we have all kinds of vehicles, cars, busses, trains or planes available for us to go from one place to another, why do we need to walk or run? We all know that the reason for this is to exercise to keep our body healthy. Just like that, mental arithmetic is a tool that keeps our brain and mental capacity healthy and powerful.