As the creator of an excellent program Menar's

Scientists agree that we use only a little portion of our brain power. Additionally, we know that the left and right hemispheres of the brain have different characteristics. Left brain is defined as academic brain due to its analytical approach, while the right hemisphere is called as artistic brain as it is more creative and has a holistic approach. These two brains that function in cooperation and coordination also have a huge memory capacity. Current education systems are rather left brain oriented so they are considered to be neglecting the potential of the right brain. The mental skills that we aim to develop in children through our Mental Arithmetic and brain development Program are;

  • Increase the intelligence capacity
  • Explore and cultivate the potential
  • Strengthen concentration
  • Improve the memory power,
  • Increase attention span
  • Enrich imagination skill
  • Build strong self esteem and confidence.

As an expert Menar, has put all its power,resources and effort in children's total brain development. For this purpose, Menar has developed a unique program with modern technology, multimedia, audio-visual materials.